18 Jan
The kids started another session of archery lessons. They are both starting out strong. Sean’s shooting at 20 yard and Melodie at 15 yards.

25 Jan
At archery class the instructor advised that Sean has outgrown his arrows. We bought new ones and Melodie will get to use his.

6 Feb
I started a new career with Whelan Security as a security guard—yesterday was orientation. Before I even got my employee number I got a call today asking if I wanted to work a swing shift in St Louis. Even though I just got my uniforms and the pants needed hemming I agreed. He had my employee number and passed it on to me. It was a hard shift—9 degrees outside and 60 inside. The route I had to walk every hour on the hour took 25 minutes to complete. On top of that the only black shoes I had were dress shoes. It will be a memorable first night on my new job.

7 Feb
A very exciting evening! Sean’s first basketball game. He did pretty good for a first game, but they lost this time.  A very close game throughout.

11 Feb
Sean is teenager turning 13 today!

12 Feb
I was assigned to work the security officer post at Genco/Unilever warehouse today. It pays $9.35 and hour and I’m very busy walking back and forth between semi trailers checking them  for seal numbers and verifying empty trailers are clean. I’ll be on day shift for a couple of days and then start swings with Monday and Tuesday off.

19 Feb
Melodie is 11 today!

1 Mar
Tournament day at Town Hall Archery. Melodie has shown a lot of improvement and won 1st place at 15 yards. Sean is doing very well too, and took 2nd place at 20 yards.

1 Apr
God is so good! I got an email from Chameleon Integrated Services in response to my application back in December. I called them up and the position is basically for my old defense contractor job at DISA CONUS. I’ll be working at what is the sister work center of my old job. I’ll only be making half of what I used to make, so I plan to work part time Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at my security officer job.

20 Apr
Ruth and the kids made in clear that they don’t like me working 7 days a week, so the security officer job has to go. I submitted my resignation for 18 May as my last day.

18 May
My last day working the Security Officer job. However, my supervisor told me I’m welcome to come back any time. I liked the job I was doing, but it just didn’t pay enough.

Late entry. Sean-D started shaving sometime this month. He felt he was looking a bit scraggly with his peach fuzz and asked me for help.

27 Nov
Thanksgiving at our house with Lydia’s family, Amber’s family, Phil and Camie.  Excellent feast and we watched “It’s a Wonderful Life”.

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