2008 Art Gallery

Melodie and Ruth start this year’s gallery with play dough sculptures of a dog. Can you tell which sculpture is the one Melodie made?

image410 image411


This summer our church had a program called  Kingdom Kids.  They mostly have crafts and games – alternating between age groups.  I was very impressed with this scrap book Melodie made.

image416 image417 image413

image414 image415


In August Melodie got her shots for kindergarten.  She drew this picture shortly after.  She said the purple and blue circuit, and the yellow and green circle, below her left arm,  represent the two band aids she got on her legs.




image422image421 image423

Melodie proudly presented me with these 3 drawings early September. I kinda figured who they were of, but I asked her anyway.  Surprisingly she replied?  “They’re me.” I asked ” Which one?” “All of them.” She said.




image425 image426

For my birthday Sean-Daniel and Melodie presented me with these beautiful works of art.  Ruth said they went to the Potter Hollow to make them.  The kids painted the preformed animals, and came back later after they’d been baked.





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