19 Feb
Sean is 14 and Melodie 12.  My how time flies!

10 Mar
My Amateur Radio License has been upgraded to General.  I rushed my testing because my company wants me to get Security Plus certified.  The word is that certain people have to be certified by end of July or lose their job.

21 Mar
Sean is back from his 1st Regional Convention at Western Illinois University, Macomb Illinois. They did very well and were selected to move on to the International Convention in May 2015.

Sean’s was awarded:
2nd Place – Limited Free Style Archery
2nd Place – Traditional Instinctive Archery
4th Place – Color Animals Photography (for his Red Eyed Tree Frog)

30 Apr
Ruth is 54 today.   We went out to the Missouri Botanical Garden to celebrate.  It’s her favorite place.

22 May
Sean went with his classmates to Las Cruces, New Mexico for International Convention. He placed 2nd in archery. It was a good experience for him. We were able to watch the rally time on the internet live. Berean Christian School was selected to perform their Group Bible Speak on the fall of Jericho, and they did a great job.

19 June
Notified today by Lockheed management that “negotiations for the next phase of the contract did not go well and severe reduction in force will begin”.   That means layoffs.

22 June
Yep, got my layoff email from Chameleon today.  My last day at DISA CONUS is 6 July.  Another opportunity to increase my faith in God!

On a happier note it’s our 16th year of marriage.  We celebrated at our favorite restaurant India Oven.

4 July
We had Lydia and her family, and John and Pat over at our house for grlled pork steaks and fixings.  I almost blew up the grill when I loaded it up with fatty meat, left for just a minute , and came back to an inferno from the fat catching fire.  I didn’t panic (maybe a little) and got all the meat off and then had Neil give the grill a spray of water to put the fire out. I put the meat back on and started grilling like nothing happened.

At night we went over to watch fireworks at Milstadt.

Sean has been working hard cutting grass to save enough money to buy a Kindle, and today he bought one.

6 July
Last day at work at DISA CONUS due to downsizing – again.  It’s sad to have to say goodbye again – to those who are staying and those leaving too.  We’re hoping the government and contractor can agree on something that will bring most of us back.

7 July
1st project for this time of unemployment was to clear the weeds around the tree by the garden fence and spread grass seed.

15 July
Clear berm of weeds and plant a shrub – check
Replace upstairs bathroom faucet – check

8 Aug
Replace floor tile next to upstairs tub and toilet and re-caulk – check.

10 Aug
First day of school! Sean is a high school freshman and Melodie is a seventh grader. Because I don’t currently have a job Ruth and I decided to have them go to school for 2 days with 3 days of home-school to reduce the tuition by half. Sean will also still be able to go to convention.

4 Sep
I’m still on unemployment, but have gotten a few folks helping get the word out. Today I had to write a check for the electric bill that’s $200 more than what it should be. I don’t understand this “budget billing”, but this isn’t the first time I’ve been blind sided with their “catch up” bill.  However, last time when I was unemployed God saw to it that we were ahead on the bill and we actually had a $0 bill one month. God is faithful and will take care of us.

5 Sep
The Caruthers’ came down from Chicago for the Labor Day weekend. We went out to Farmington’s water park for the day and then to Amber’s house.

8 Sep
Whoo Hoo! God is good!  Today I got a letter from our mortgage company stating we over-payed the escrow and included a check for $847.

11 – 13 Sep
This weekend is the Kite cousins family get together in Rocky Top “formerly Lake City) Tennessee. I rented a GMC Terrain and drove the family to the Norris Dam Park. It was a fun time and we met a lot of the Littleton side of the family. I also was able to get more of the family history, fact and rumor, and found out more of why we can’t get past my Great Grandfather Rufus Monroe Kite.

8 Oct
Another wonderful praise.  I was contacted about 3 weeks ago by my previous employer about a possible job on a new contract they won.  Before they would interview me though I had to get Comptia Security + certified.  This is the same certification I had to get before being laid off and my company paid for the study material.  When the lay off happened they told me to keep the books.  Today I passed the exam and notified the company.

12 Oct
Wow! God is so good! I got an email today from Chameleon IS with a job offer to work as a technician for equipment installation at the new DISA CONUS building. The pay is great and I’ll realize my desire to see the new building which has been in planning for about 8 years.


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