06 Oct
Melodie starts her first piano lessons today at school.  Her teacher is Ms. Osden.  Melodie has already been practicing piano, so I think she’ll do very well.

The IT installation contract I was working on has finally come to end. I learned a lot and feel good about being part of standing up the new DISA Global facility – albeit a small part. I thought it was time to move on, but I just got an offer from SAIC to come back to DISA Global as a Network Specialist – cutting circuits over to new commercial leases again. I start 17 October.  God is GOOD!

19 Jun
Melodie wrote me a Father’s Day poem:

My Father

My Father is a gift from God.
Though he may be scarred and flawed
He is made to lead the way
For his family every day.

 Fathers may be misunderstood,
Though they don’t know while in childhood
How much their fathers sacrifice
Until they have to be that nice.

I truly do love you, Father.
You really don’t have to bother
Yourself with taking care of us.
But you don’t even make a fuss.

Thank You!!

19 Feb
Sean is 15 and Melodie is 13.  We now have 2 teenagers in the house!

19 Mar
Sean got back from Regional Convention yesterday.  He was very excited about the whole experience.   He did well overall, but wasn’t pleased with his performance in the 400 meter dash and physical fitness.  He had been sick the day before and that probably weakened him.  I let Sean know that what mattered was that he finished the events and didn’t give up.

Melodie will be going to her first convention next year, and she asked Ruth to take her to see Sean and his classmates perform.  She wanted to see how things worked – a good sign.  Our cars have high mileage so we have started renting for long trips – it’s 3 hours to drive to Western Illinois University in Macomb Illinois.  God continues to bless us.  Ruth had rented a compact car for the trip, but due to issues with the car she got an upgrade to a Dodge Caravan for no additional cost.

My job is going very well.  My official title is Voice Communications Manager.  In addition to installing the IT equipment I have learned how to crimp RJ45 connectors onto Cat 6 cables and punch down on 110 blocks – adding to my telecommunication skills.  God is so good.  He has answered all my requests concerning this new job.   I had asked for a job that wouldn’t compromise Jesus, and I find that the Program Manager is a Christian.  He has been providing pizza or sub sandwiches at our monthly meetings, and prays for God’s blessing before we eat.