2010 Art Gallery

06 Feb – Starting off this year’s gallery is the first of hopefully many outdoor decorative pieces that will also be functional.


This art project will be by the book.


Sean-Daniel uses a saw for the first time. He tried several types before settling on this one.


3 day later we are done. We decided not to paint it to give it the natural look.


Magnificent!! No Wren can resist this artistic domicile.

– Sean-Daniel finished another art project called a Fugu (Puffer Fish) Kite (13 March)


Sean-Daniel did most of the work with a little help from his assistant. Dad helped with tassels and string.

100_5783 100_5784

Mothers Day Masterpieces

100_5925 100_5926 100_5927

While we were visiting the Ackers in Colorado Sean-D was given a balloon animal kit. He’s put it to good use and even hooked up with an adult who does it professionally.



Honey bee being enhanced by Melodie.



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