11 Feb 17
Hard to believe that Sean is Sweet 16 today!  Looks like he will start driving lessons soon although Ruth and I are dragging are feet on that.  It’s silly, we know, but for some reason it’s hard to see him growing up so fast.  Sean’s also talking about getting a job this summer- aaaahhh!

19 Feb 17
Today Melodie is Fabulous 14.  She’s still taking weekly piano lesson and her teacher says she’s doing extremely well.  I really enjoy listening to her when she’s plays at home although she occasionally plays a little silly and Ruth has to get on her.  I don’t know where she gets her silliness from.

18 May 17
The contract I’m on was supposed to end in March, but as I thought, it had to be extended because we’re nowhere near finished.   The government agency we support agreed to extend the contract in 3 month periods.  However, due to budget problems, we couldn’t even finish the first extension before the money ran out.  My company SAIC is a sub contractor so I was to first to be put off.  Fortunately my company has a policy of 30 days notice prior to layoff, so, even though I got my layoff letter today, it doesn’t take effect until 16 June.  Until then I will still draw a paycheck even though I’m not working.  Hopefully, the budget issue gets fixed before 16 June.

19 May 17
The kids are off to International Convention in Indiana (not the state), Pennsylvania.  They told us a few days ago that would be visiting the Ark Encounter in Kentucky on the way back from convention.  Since Ruth and I have wanted to go there as well, and the kids would be going for free, we offered to meet them there to visit together. They weren’t keen on that idea – they’d rather visit with their friends.  So Ruth and I are also off today to visit the Ark Encounter and re-visit the Creation Museum.

07 Oct 17
Well, the contract I was on ended up not getting extended again.   The government agency decided to rebid the work and another company won.  On top of that, all the positions are moving out to Columbus, Ohio.  Fortunately, a new contract opened up with the procurement section of the same government agency.  Ironically, it’s the same work I was doing when I first started contract work back in 1999, so I’ve come full circle in my career.