3 Jan
I’ve been working with Melodie Joy to make different sounds and words.  She’s starting to repeat “Da Da” after me, and when I blow her a kiss she replies with her version by smacking her lips.  She usually only does it once.

5 Jan
I was on the computer in my “office” when I heard a noise behind me.  It was Melodie, behind the doorway fence, giggling at me and making her lip smacking kisses.  I turned to her, and we went back and forth with kisses to each other and giggling.  I got such a kick out of her.  She is truly a joy.

12 Jan
Crystal went back to college with John Ackerman tonight. Many tears were shed.  She is scheduled to graduate in May.

7 Feb
I don’t know how he did it, but Ruth and I were discussing what we wanted to do for the day, and Ruth said maybe we could go to the M-A-L-L.  And I said something about the C-A-R-O-U-S-E-L.  Suddenly Sean-D started laughing and fidgeting.  Ruth asked him what was up, and he started talking about the horse he had ridden on before, and how he wanted to ride the rabbit.  Maybe he can spell now.

11 Feb
Sean-Daniel is 3 today!  We celebrated at our house. Grandma and Grandpa Falconnier came over to help us celebrate.

21 Feb
Melodie turned 1 year old on the 19th.  We waited until Ruth’s sister came down with her son, who was born the day after Melodie, and we celebrated both their birthdays together.  We didn’t want Sean-D to feel left out, so we celebrated his birthday again.  Camille even made 3 cakes.

23 Feb
Melodie and Sean-D Moment:  This weekend we caught Sean-Daniel climbing the stairs to the 2nd floor.  It’s not the first time, but on this occasion we caught Melodie 1/3 of the way up following her big brother.
Today Ruth called me with a Melodie Moment.  Ruth had been cleaning out the dishwasher, and turned her back for a moment.  When she turned back to the dishwasher she found that Melodie had grabbed the top rack and pulled herself onto the open door and was standing up.

29 Feb
Grandma and Grandpa Campos came over after church to celebrate Sean-Daniel and Melodie’s birthday.  They brought a beautiful dress and a music book for Melodie, and a shirt and pants set and music book for Sean-D.  They also treated for ice cream.

10 Mar
Melodie moment:  When Melodie has a runny nose Ruth of course will wipe her nose with a Kleenex.  Last night Melodie grabbed a bunch of Kleenex and went to where Ruth was laying on the floor, and wiped her nose – several times.

23 Mar
Melodie is growing up to be a very strange girl.  Tonight I was going through the living room and saw her walking around with Sean-D’s Leggos bucket on her head.  Then later on Sean-D was putting his Leggos away, and she came over, grabbed the bucket, and went to put it on her head and dumped the Leggos on herself.  She took it in stride, and after making sure all the Leggos were out she put the bucket on her head and walked away, leaving Sean-D perplexed about how he was going to put up his Leggos.
Sean-Daniel has developed a wily side to his character.  A couple of days ago Ruth said he came into the bedroom where she was putting Melodie down for the night and had fallen asleep herself.  She woke up to Sean-D feeling her feet, and then moving to her face.  Ruth pretended to be asleep, so he left.  Ruth got up a little later and went to the kitchen where she found a shocked looking Sean-D with chocolate all over his face from the cookies Amber had made.  Apparently, once he made sure mom was asleep he thought he had the run of the house.

27 Mar
Sean-Daniel got his first official pet.  A couple of days ago Amber got him a Wal-Mart fish (Siamese Fighting fish I thinks it’s called).  We had a rough time naming him, but we finally settled on Nemo.
Melodie has gotten proficient in climbing on furniture.  She has mastered Sean-D’s bed, the couch and recliner, and today she got up on the yard swing that’s out in the garden.
Crystal’s home for the weekend.  She came up with friends.

4 Apr
Sean-D has decided that his fish’s name is not Nemo – it’s Dorothy.  Apparently Elmo’s fish is named Dorothy too.  He actually renamed the fish 2 days ago, but I wanted to be sure before making it official.
Today Sean-D and I went to the Zoo.  I decided I’d let him go wherever he wanted for as long as he wanted.  It was a very relaxing day that way.  His favorite animal this time was a couple of baby bears.

13 Apr
Melodie has learned to say Da-Da when she wants my attention.  She was yelling Ma-Ma a long time ago.  Also, she waved bye-bye today for the first time as she and Mommy saw me off to work.
Sean-D looks like he might have some acting ability.  When Melodie was crying tonight he came up to me and told me she was sad.  I told him “Oh no! I’m sad too”.  Then he said he was sad too.  We carried on back and forth telling each other how sad we were, and then tears started flowing from his eyes.  I was stunned at first, and then he started laughing.

28 Apr
Mom suspected Melodie was teething again, and sure enough she’s got 3 molars coming in.

5 May
I’ve nicknamed Melodie “Monkey”.  One reason is that when she walks she sways side to side.  Today she gave me another reason.   I found her sitting in the middle of our kitchen table playing with a glass.  She had pushed her high chair (which had the tray off) up against the table, and use it for a ladder.  Looking back, I remember now that she’s been able to climb up into our bed for a couple of weeks now.   She grabs onto the baby fence, that fits along the bed to keep her from falling out, steps up on the wooden frame, then she shimmies up.  Come to think of it, Ruth said she caught her using the recliner next to the bookshelf to reach all the way up to the top shelf to get things off.   She truly is a monkey.

12 May
Crystal came home from college today, so we’ve got a full house again.  Her boyfriend John proposed to her the day before she left South Carolina, and they’ve setting a wedding date sometime in November.

23 May
Amber has signed a lease for an apartment.  She’ll be moving about 3 miles away.

8 June
Ruth said today that Melodie came up to her saying “shooawn?” several times.  It wasn’t until Melodie brought her sandals over that Ruth figured out that she was saying “Shoe on?”  Melodie has made the connection that when Ruth says “let’s get your shoes on” that means she going out.

9 June
Sean-Daniel somehow broke off the cap on one of his teeth. He gets real clumsy when he’s tired, and he doesn’t pay attention to where he’s going and walks into things.  He came up to Ruth and told her his teeth felt funny.  Today we were able to get it fixed.

12 June
Sean-D’s cap broke again.  This time I saw it fall out.  It looks like the tooth directly below the cap is acting like a wedge when he bites down – it hits up against the top one.

20 June
This father’s day we spent the weekend with Grandpa and Grandma Campos at their new home in Lake St Louis.  On the way we met them  at the Butterfly House in Faust Park.   We all enjoyed it- there were thousands of colorful butterflies, and they had a waterfall which made it very peaceful..  The next day we went their church and Sean-D made me a paper Father’s Day tie in his Sunday School.  At my dad’s house the people who owned the house before had left a slide and swing set, and Sean-Daniel and Melodie had a blast.

22 June
Today is Ruth and my 5 year anniversary.   I got her a dozen roses, and took her out to dinner.

27 June
Crystal will be leaving for South Carolina for good in a couple of days.  She has finished the correspondence courses she still needed for her degree, and just needs to write a paper and take the final back at Bob Jones University.  Today she had her wedding shower.  The wedding is still set for November.

15 July
Melodie has got this funny habit of not being able to see a shoe without to putting it on and walking around.  It’s hilarious.  She usually walks around with one shoe, and it’s funny to see her passing by with a different shoe all the time.  What’s not so funny is when I’m getting ready to go to work and have to search the house for my shoes. Ruth says she’s also acting more feminine, and likes to drape things over her head like blouses or scarves.  I can see that she’s more dainty in her mannerisms.  She is starting to talk a little.  She says “OK” and “No”.  Also, when I ask her where her shoe is she looks down at her feet and sometimes grabs her shoe.
We finally got Sean-Daniels tooth fixed.  The doctor made the cap shorter.  Also he has developed a love for the Shining Time movies.  He knows all the engine’s names, and corrects us when we get it wrong.  Currently he only has two Thomas engines to play with.  Sean-D has started going Pee Pee on his own, but still has problems with the other, so he wears a diaper still.  A few of days ago Ruth got him to pee in the toilet standing up – he like to make bubbles.  Now he goes on his own.

2 Aug
Last week I volunteered to be a counselor at Dayspring Bible Camp for their Junior Camp.  It was exhausting but very rewarding.  I had 6 boys age 12 and 13 in my cabin.  I had never worked with boys that age, and it was interesting to listen to their thoughts about Jesus, and the Christian life.

16 Aug
Last weekend was the Villa Hills Gospel Chapel weekend camp at Dayspring.  It was a lot of fun, and the weather was cool for summertime. David came too and was baptized in the pool.  Sean-D had a few mishaps, but he survived.  One of them occurred at the pool.  There was a blow-up Mountain thingy floating in the middle with handles on two sides to pull yourself up to the top, and slides on the other sides.  I guess the idea is like King on the Mountain.  I couldn’t believe it when Sean-Daniel actually climbed up to the top.  Unfortunately, when he looked around and saw how high he was he panicked and slid down the side.  I was opposite from him and rushed around to get him.  It broke my heart to hear him crying “You didn’t catch me!”.

27 Aug
Melodie update:  She is still wearing other people’s shoes, and sometimes wears another pair on her hands.  She understands us when we tell her simple commands like sit down or lay down or stop (sounds like a dog).  She even fetches.  She tells you  she wants something by pointing and mumbling “want this”.   She says “Daddy a lot”, especially when she wants something – “Daddy? Want this”.  She does so many cute things, and she smiles a lot.  One of the things she does is she’ll come up to you, pull up your shirt, blow on your tummy and giggle.  Or she’ll tickle you and giggle.
Sean-Daniel update:  He is growing up fast!  I can’t believe his vocabulary.  It may be because he watches a lot of Thomas the Train videos.  Today, Ruth was trying to swat a fly while explaining to him how flies can get on your food and make you sick.  He asked if he could try to swat the fly, and swung at the fly in the air saying “I’ll teach you to mess up with my food”.

4 Sep
Sean-Daniel and Melodie started swimming lessons today at the YMCA.  This was Melodie’s first time, and she did great.  Sean-D is used to the pool, so we started him in the Pike class which has one on one instruction.

9 Sep
Sean-D broke another cap on a different tooth, and we were able to get him into the doctor today.  We thought it would take just a few minutes, but unfortunately the dentist found a serious cavity behind the tooth with the broken cap.  I stayed in the lobby with Melodie while Ruth went with him.  I could hear him screaming all the way to where I was.  After it was over we took him to the dollar store to pick out a toy. He picked out a little white horse, and call it snowy.

10 Sep
Today Sean-D, at his swimming lesson, while holding onto a noodle and floaters around his middle, actually kicked himself around in the water.

13 Sep
Melodie has learned her first phrase (I think it’s the same one Sean-Daniel learned first).  It’s “all done”, and she uses it in the proper context, like when she’s done eating she’ll hand over the empty plate and say “all done”.
Ruth and I participated in an Air Force Base program called “Around the World in 90 Days”.  For ninety days, when you participated in On-Base facility things, like bowling or even eating at the bowling alley, you got a card with numbers on it.  When you entered the numbers in the website, it would verify the number was authentic, and enter it in a chance to win  prizes.  Highest prize was a new Saturn, and we came close, we won $3000 plus $1000 towards furniture.

29 Sep
Sean-D went to his first Awana meeting last Wednesday  He’s starting out as a Cubbie.  They have activities and lessons, all centered around the Word of God.  He’s very excited, and has already memorized some scripture verses.  This Wednesday he got his first patch to put on his vest for work he did on his cubbies manual.

7 Oct 04
I keep forgetting to record all the words Sean-D is coming up with.  He’s gotten to be quite a chatterbox.  Today he was relating to us at the kitchen table what happened to him “Lasternight”
Melodie has gone beyond saying Mommie and Daddy.  She can now say “Baby” and she’ll point to her brother and she sort of says “Chean-Donl”.  Of course she says “No” frequently.  And “AAALLL Done” when she wants to avoid something.

23 Oct 04
Melodie has added a few words to her vocabulary.  She now points to her high chair and says “chair”.  She also points to the refrigerator and says “cup”.  She knows where here eyes and mouth are and can say them, although she prefers to touch other peoples eyes – especially Sean-D’s.  She loves to go up to her brother and give him a hug and kiss.
Today was the last swimming class, and I signed them both up for another session.  Sean-D has come a long way from his first class, and he very confident in the water.  After his swimming class today we showered, had a quick lunch and then started his first basketball class.  It was interesting to see so many 3 to 5 year olds trying to bounce a miniature basketball, and shoot hoops.  Sean-D did very well in passing and shooting, but he’s not coordinated enough yet to dribble.  He learned how to pay attention and follow directions from the teacher in his swimming class,  and I got a kick out of watching him follow directions in the basketball class.  Before they started the session they had a warm-up period where they all raised there hands, then touched their toes, jumped up and down, then ran a lap halfway around the court.

26 Oct 04
I can’t believe what I saw Melodie doing today.  What a monkey!  As we came into the kitchen for supper, I watched as Melodie grabbed onto the top of the highchair tray,  then pull herself up and over the tray, and finally twist around and squeeze into the chair.  Ruth says she’s done that a couple of times before.
It looks like I forgot to mention that Melodies top eye teeth are poking out.

Crystal’s Wedding and Vacation Tour
18 Nov
    I rented a 2004 Town and Country van for our trip to Crystal’s wedding in Anderson South Carolina.  The travelers consisted of Me, Ruth, David, Sean-Daniel, and Melodie.  Amber went with her friend.  We started out this morning at 0430a.m.  On the way down we stopped at a rest stop near Chattanooga for a long break.  There were some cows in a field with a wire fence between us.  They eventually saw us and a couple got within about 50 feet.   Since it is fall we were able to play in the leaves, and the kids, including David rolled down a steep hill a few times.  Melodie preferred to scoot down on her butt.   Speaking of fall, the leaves were beautifully colored, and we especially liked the view as we got into the hills.  We finally got to our hotel at Greenville at 9p.m. eastern time.

19 Nov
    This was the day before the wedding, and the only thing we had to attend was the wedding rehearsal.  So, after breakfast we spent the day at the Greenville Zoo.

20 Nov
    The wedding day!!  The wedding was at 0200p.m.  A beautiful wedding.  Ruth got a little teary.  David walked Crystal down the aisle.  That night we got together with some friends, Ruth’s sisters, and Grandma and Grandpa Falconnier for a tour of Bob Jones University, and dinner at an Indian restaurant.

21 Nov
    We started for home.   On the way we went through the Great Smoky Mountains.  It was beautiful.  The temperature dropped about 20 degrees from the foot to the top.  We then continued on to Gatlinburg where we visited the Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies.  There was quite a lot to see – we spent 3 hours there.  Melodie petted a horseshoe crab, but we couldn’t get Sean-Daniel to pet anything.  After that, we continued on our way to my Aunt Ruth’s house in Lake City Tennessee where we stayed the night.

22 Nov
    We left my Aunt’s around 11am, and headed home.  We arrived at 9pm.  It was a wonderful trip, and the kids were very good.

10 Dec
Melodie has added a few more words to her vocabulary.  Her new favorite is “Stucky”.  She uses it for a lot of things like when she’s trying to get her shoe off she says ” Ooh Stucky”, or when she tries to get her pillow, and she can’t reach it she says “Ooh Stucky”.  20 times a day Stucky, Stucky, Stucky.  Sometimes she sounds like a Stucky Record.  She also has learned a couple of phrases:  ” I want that” and “That’s mine”.  However, she has also learned to say thank you, but it sounds like “Kee Kee”.  Also, she has learned to open the bathroom door.   In the monkey department:  a couple of days ago Ruth and I went shopping at Walmart, and Melodie was riding in the big section of the cart.  Ruth said she watched as Melodie climbed over the side and gently let herself down to the floor.
Sean-Daniel is doing very well in Awana’s.  He has memorized all the scripture verses so far, although he still struggles in pronouncing the chapter and verse.  His favorite is “John Free Firty Free…God is Truthful”.  He is also still taking swimming lessons followed by basketball lessons, but it appears to be too much for him, because halfway through the basketball class he starts to get lethargic, and has no attention span.


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