01 Jan
Last night we celebrated the New Year at Villa Hills Gospel Chapel.  I was so exhausted I slept in the back room and Ruth woke me 2 minutes till midnight.

08 Jan
Oh No!  It was daddy’s turn to almost kill Sean-Daniel.  I had just finished giving him a bath, and had stood him on a towel outside the tub.  I turned away for a second and the towel slipped on the floor with the baby, and he hit his face on the side of the tub.  He cried and cried.  The next day, Ruth found his gum bruised and a loose tooth.

17 Jan
Ruth called me at work to tell em that Sean-D had heard a little girl singing on the stereo, and he walked from the kitchen to the living room to find her.

29 Jan
Yesterday, Ruth came by my office, and we went to the Scott AFB lake for lunch.  When we set Sean-D on the grass, he was apprehensive about walking on the leaves.  He got used to it and eventually started pushing his stroller around. When the stroller bumped up against a fallen tree branch or root he would lean into the stroller and overcome the obstacle.
Today Ruth bought Sean-D’s first pair of new shoes.

8 Feb 02
Yesterday, David’s school basketball team (Eagles) played a  game that was one of the most exciting yet.  It was in the last quarter of the game, and they had lost 3 key players – 2 for fouls, and 1 with an injury.  His team had 4 players to their 5.   Back and forth across the floor, the game was going at a frantic pace, but David’s team was slowly getting further behind in points.  In the last 2 seconds of the game the ball is passed to David who makes a spectacular 3 pointer.  The crowd goes wild as the buzzer sounds.  The Eagles lost the game, but won the moment in history.  David was the talk of the town, and the pride of the Campos/Bradley family.

15 Feb 02
This week everyone except for Crystal was sick.  We had to postpone Sean-D’s birthday party which was supposed to have been on Monday the 11th.  I was still not feeling well yesterday, but managed to take Ruth out to eat at “Frenchies”, a fancy French restaurant, for Valentines Day.  We had a wonderful time and reminisced about our vacation in France.

19 Feb 02
We celebrated Sean-D’s birthday twice because of the number of people we invited was too big.  Friday the 15th we had my dad and Linda, and my brother with his family.  Then on Saturday the 16th we had Ruth’s mom and brother, the Holtgrewes, and the Renths.
Ruth, Sean-D, David, Amber, and I went to the Zoo Yesterday.  None of us had been in a while, and it was Sean-D’s first time.

05 Mar  02
Last night was Father/Son basketball at David’s school.  It was father against son.  I think it was the first time I’ve ever played full court before.  We had a lot of fun, and best of all, no one got hurt.  The final score was 63 to 61.  Although the fathers lost, I think we did pretty good against the young-uns.

11 Mar  02
David left for Convention.  He is entered in the chess competition, website development, and photography competition.

15 Mar  02
Today Thomas Construction finished up on the new gutters for our house.  They had finished the siding yesterday, but it was way too windy to do the gutters.  Ruth and I are very happy with the way it looks, but more importantly there are no more drafts in the house
David returned from Convention.  He did very well.  He got first place for his website, third in the chess competition, and fifth for one of his photo’s.   There were several kids from his school that did well, and so they will go on to the International Convention at Flagstaff Arizona.

19 Mar
A Sean-D Moment:  I was left alone with Sean-D while Ruth went out shopping.  I noticed that Sean-D had a poopy diaper, so I got the changing stuff ready and called him into his room.  He came in and laid down on the changing mat and I changed his diaper without incident (it used to be an effort because he was a wiggle worm).  I know that Crystal has been working a lot with him, so I attribute his good behavior to her efforts.

21 Mar
Sean-D has been cranky the last couple of days and Ruth said he was running a slight fever today.  She found out that he’s teething again, and has 3 new teeth!  All molars.  Two top ones and one bottom one.

28 Mar
I may have mentioned before that Sean-D loves ducks, and when he sees one he’ll point to it and say “DUCK”.  Well, to my knowledge he’s never actually seen a real duck, only wooden ones or stuffed ones or pictures of a duck.  So, today Ruth and I took him to Long Acre Park in Fairview Heights, and we walked around the lake where there were many ducks.  He was so excited.  As we walked around the lake he would stop every few feet and squeal “DUCK” in an excited pitch.  In fact he was so excited that once he threw “caution to the wind” and ran after a couple of them and I barely caught him before he went off the edge of the shore and into the lake.

11 Apr
Amber has taken another step in her adult life.  Today she bought a 1997 Ford Escort (purple).  It’s a sporty looking car, and I think she got a good buy.  Amber put down $3000, and financed a little under $1000.

24 Apr
Ruth called me at work to tell me another Sean-Daniel first.  She and the baby were down in the basement.  She was doing laundry and he was playing on the floor.  A few minutes later she turned around to check on him, and he was sitting in the recliner.  He has apparently used the footrest as a step and hauled himself up.

28 Apr
Last night we had a tornado touch down in Belleville.  It seems like the last 4 or so years we’ve been getting them in the spring.  We had a few limbs down and some of the soffit was pulled out, but the biggest surprise was that one of the covers for our chimneys, that keep the squirrels out and weighs about 100 lbs, was lifted off the chimney  by the winds and dropped in our driveway.

30 Apr
Ruth had her 41st birthday today!!  Her parents were in Chicago visiting her sister Lydia, so they left Ruth a birthday song on the answering machine.  She got lots of wonderful presents: Dave made her breakfast and some homemade coupons for several chores which he will do when she redeems them, Crystal bought her some shirts, Amber got her some perfumed hand wash, and I got her a baby seat for her bicycle.  I had already put it together and she took Sean-D out for a ride with Amber.  When they got back he was fast asleep.  Like his daddy that boy can sleep anywhere.

20 May
This past weekend Sean-D went on his first camping trip.  He his mother and I, and Crystal spent the night camping at the Washington County Conservation Area.  Sean-D had a blast, and didn’t seem disturbed by the different sleeping arrangements.

8 Jun
This weekend Ruth, David, Crystal, Sean-D, and I went to Six Flags in St Louis.  It was Sean-D’s first time. He had a blast at the water park.  Surprisingly he was still active and running around at 10pm when they closed.  David and Crystal went off by themselves and rode on several of the rides.  I rode the Batman ride, and that was enough for me.

25 Jun
Last week we got the official word from our doctor that Ruth is PREGNANT!  And today Ruth went in again to the hospital and they estimate that she is between 6 to 7 weeks into the pregnancy.


5 July
This 4th  of July we celebrated at Ruth’s brothers house again.  Sean-D still screamed when the loud rockets went up, but overall he enjoyed our little fireworks display.

10 July
Ruth called me at work to tell me of another Sean-Daniel moment.  He had seen someone put vitamin C lozenges up on the piano and he was determined to get them after saying “Please” didn’t work.  He waited till no one else was around, and then he pushed the ottoman up next to the piano bench, making a step all the way up.  No one saw him actually get the stuff, but when Ruth came in she found him sitting on the floor with the bag open and the lozenges all over the floor.  He wasn’t concerned about hiding his tracks, so she saw how he did it.
I have not been doing a good job logging his dental progress, but he’s currently still working on the eye teeth above and below.

8 Aug 02
Last night Sean-D was in bed with Ruth and me, and he was going back and forth, pointing at various parts of our face, and naming them.  I was amazed – it’s the first time I’d seen him do it.  Usually I would ask him where something was and he would point to it.

10 Aug 02
This weekend Sean-D went to his first fair over at the Belleville Fairgrounds.  He rode on the Choo-Choo with mommy and a couple of times on the merry-go-round with daddy (he was afraid of the horses so we sat on the bench).  We also tried to get him on the miniature pony ride, but he was even more scared.  They even had potbellied pig races.  They also had a magic/clown/talent show.

22 Aug 02
Ruth and I went to the doctors for her scheduled O.B. appoint.  The doctor told us our baby is 14 weeks old, and then we listened to its heartbeat – steady at 160 bpm.  We are very excited.  Once I heard the heartbeat it made it more real for me.
Crystal will be going back to Bob Jones University, and she leaves in a couple of days.  She had to take off school for a while to pay off her loans.
Sean-D is growing and changing rapidly now.  Although not quiet perfect, he will try to say every word you ask him to repeat.  Also, he’s jumping now – actually getting both feet off the ground.  I never thought about it before but Ruth says that it takes a lot of coordination to jump.  I came home from work yesterday and found him dancing with Crystal and Amber to a Veggie Tales tape.  He was jumping and stopping, and swinging his arms.  Crystal said he started from the beginning of the tape, and he kept going for the whole thing.

2 Sep 02
This past weekend was labor day weekend, and I took off work Friday to make it four days off.  Ruth, Sean-D, and I went to Grants Farm for the first time on Friday.  It was bigger than I thought and they even had an elephant.  We have been working with Sean-D on saying the different animals, and elephant was one of them.  They also had camels which Sean-D didn’t want to get too close to.  Saturday I went solo to Forest Park and worked on my walking.  I’ve been feeling the urge to hike again and I want to get in shape.  Sunday, David joined us on a trip to the Missouri Botanical Garden for their annual Japanese festival.  Monday, Ruth, Sean-D and I went to the Carlyle Lake beach.  They’ve got a little man-made beach with a section of the lake marked off for swimming.  Sean-D didn’t quite know what to make of the sand, but he was certainly familiar with water.  He got a kick out of sitting just at the water’s edge and letting the waves hit him.

14 Sep 02
Wow! I think I gone on more trips this month that I usually do in a year.  This week end Ruth, Sean-D and I spent the morning over at the Millstadt Eckert’s.  We’d never been there before, but definitely want to go again.  We saw a pig race, listened to a storyteller, went through a fun house, and pet some goats and chickens.  Sean-D is getting used to animals more and more.

19 Sep 02
Today was David’s 16th birthday.  He’s so easy to buy a present for because he had saved his money and bought a game cube, and all he wanted for presents were games and accessories.  We had a birthday party, and Grandma and Grandpa Falconnier came over.  Sean-D has finally settled on what he wants to call them “Papaw and Memaw”.


3 Oct 02
David started his first job today.  He’s working at Shop n Save in Customer Courtesy.  As I understand it he will be pushing the shopping carts back in and other odd jobs.  He will also be the guy who responds to the call “Clean-up in aisle 3”!

4 Oct 02
Today was the day Ruth and I went to the hospital for an ultrasound.  The technician is 70% sure that our new baby will be a GIRL!

16 Oct 02
Today is my 41st birthday!  My dad had the family and me over at his house last weekend, and today we celebrated at our house.  Ruth cooked a turkey for dinner.  Grandma and Grandpa Falconnier were here to celebrate as well.

29 Oct 02
Another Sean-D Moment.  This evening, after supper, I asked him tell his mom “thank you”, and he said “chank ju momma”.  Ruth and I agreed that it’s the first time he’s ever put two phrases together.

01 Nov 02
Today Sean-D went to his first movie at the 15 Cine in O’Fallon.  It was a Veggie Tales movie called “Jonah”.  Surprisingly he sat through most of it, and really only got up near the end.  He got off my lap at a point where there was singing, and he started dancing in the aisle.
Our new baby is kicking up a storm.   Ruth is showing quite a bit.  Our doctor reviewed the ultrasound pictures, and was able to tell that everything’s looking good.  Since we only have a 70% chance that it’s a girl we have a couple of boys names picked out just in case.  If it’s a girl, then her name will be Melodie Joy Campos.

12 Nov 02
Another Sean-D moment.   Sean-D has recently  replaced “Oh No!” with “Oops” every time he drops something.  Today, Ruth and I went out to eat, and as we turned into the restaurant parking lot, we heard Sean-D say “Oops”. Thinking that he had dropped something, Ruth turned back to see what it was.  She was surprised to see that the car seat, he was strapped into, had tipped over on its side.  Earlier today, Ruth had one of the neighbor kids clean out the car, and the car seat was never belted back down.  So, when we took the turn off the highway, over he went.  We couldn’t help but laugh, because instead of panicking, he was just patiently waiting for us to bring him back up.
16 Dec 02
Today Sean-D finished up his second phase of dental work.  He had some tooth decay, and we had caps put on to rebuild the top front teeth.  He had some other repairs done, and still has another appointment for a filling in one of his molars.
Our new baby is coming in less than 2 months.  Ruth and I have signed up for Lamaze classes.

21 Dec 02
We celebrated Christmas at Troy and Alicia Barnes’ house.  My brother, sister, father were all able to make it. Alicia is my step-sister.  My dad enjoyed playing with Sean-D.
Crystal is home from college.

26 Dec 02
Celebrated Christmas again at John and Pat Falconnier’s.  Evi, Neal and Lydia, Phil and Camille were all able to make it.  Lydia is pregnant with her first child, and she is due on 16 Feb – one day after Ruth is due.  She and Neal are fairly certain that it’s a boy.

27 Dec 02
Sean-D is such a wonderful son.  He has such a calm, caring, and funny disposition.  I’m reminded of it everyday.  This morning he woke up early calling for mom.  She was just getting out of bed when he came into our bedroom.  Seeing that I was still in bed, he asked Ruth, “Is daddy sleeping?”.  She told him yes (not knowing I had just woke up), so he went quietly back out.







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