19 Jan
Sean began archery lessons again today. He’s starting at 20 yards. He did very well for being off about a year.

31 Jan
A Sean-Daniel moment. Ruth told me today that while Sean was home alone he tried to get a hold of her on her cell phone. After several attempts he tried to get me at work. Then he tried Ruth again. He finally got her on the cell phone and confessed that he had started to panic because he thought the rapture had taken place and he had been left behind.

2 Feb
The Campos clan met over at Chevy’s restaurant for the annual belated Christmas get together.

11 Feb
My little boy now is a little man! Sean-Daniel is twelve years old. Time sure has flown by. His head is just about up to my chin.

15 Feb
I took off work today to go with Melodie on her field trip to the Excel Bottling company where they make Ski soda. Very interesting small factory.

16 Feb
A Sean-Daniel moment. At archery class, on the first round, Sean’s first two arrows hit the 10 point bulls eye and the third hit the 6 point mark—at 20 yards. He was so excited. Then we were told that that was a practice round and didn’t count for points. We had missed the last archery class, when they started keeping score, and we didn’t realize.

17 Feb
Tonight is the first annual AWANA Grand Prix. We entered the car that Sean couldn’t use for the RA race because he broke his leg. We took it out of storage, dusted it off and gave it a new coat of paint—green and gold stripes. Sean’s car won the first round of elimination but lost the 2nd round to Trey Howard and his batman car. Not bad for an old clunker. First and Second place were taken by a brother and sister Ryan and Heather Hogue. Ryan is in my Cubbie class—yes I’m still a Cubbie leader.

19 Feb
Melodie has reached 2 digits today. 10 years old! I took her shopping the day before, for a boom box. It was harder than I thought. We even tried the mall, but I just ended up buying $80 worth of stuff at Teavana. We finally got one at Walmart—should have gone there in the first place.

21 Feb
Snow, snow, snow. We were expecting a winter storm. School was cancelled and I left work at 1030am when the ice started coming down. It’s snowing hard now (2pm), and it’s beautiful. It’s supposed to be around 4 inches.

2 Mar
Sean took 2nd place for 20 yards in the archery competition. He shot 140 points. Around the middle of the lessons I got him a finger tab because his string fingers were hurting after 10 rounds.

16 Mar
Today Melodie competed in the Metro East AWANA games 2013 with her teammates from church. We took 2nd place. We would have won 1st place (lost by 3 points), but for some reason the race Melodie had won had to be repeated and she lost the second time—just saying.

22 Mar
I took off work today to got with Ruth and the kids on their school field to The Incredible Pizza Company. It was a lot of fun.

24 Mar
Today we had the biggest snow storm in quite a while. As of 5pm it was 7 inches deep and still coming down. Melodie and I built a Daddy and Melodie snowman. Unfortunately Sean was sick with a stomach virus and Mommy just plain didn’t want to be cold today. It was 32 degrees and the snow packed perfectly.

16 April
Bad news today. After work I found Percival had gotten stuck in the glue trap I had on the floor under the cabinet.  He had gotten bolder the last two days and had been flying out of the cage and landing on me. I had left the cage open and he went exploring too far it seems. I went right away to Petsmart and got another bird. I found a female with same colors and almost the exact pattern. The main difference is she has a very lightly yellowed head. I called her Blondie, but Melodie suggested Felicity.

15 July
Melodie left this evening for Cenri Kids camp in Missouri. This will be her first time away from home on her own for so long. I’m a little anxious.

19 July
Melodie’s back home safe and sound! She had a wonderful time at camp.

31 July
Got back today from a 5 day vacation. We drove to Andersonville, Tennessee to visit my Aunt Ruth who’s living with her daughter Madeline. Aunt Ruth isn’t doing very well health-wise, and we wanted to see her one last time. We stayed a couple of days doing jigsaw puzzles with Aunt Ruth and hiking with Madeline on a trail that led to the Norris dam. Before we left Sunday evening we sang hymns. We then spent a couple of days visiting the Creation Museum in Kentucky.

9 Aug
Today I got laid off after 14 years with my company. I was fortunate that they kept me on after they laid off most of my teammates in April. I’m actually still employed for another 4 weeks, but not getting paid.

12 Aug
The kids have once again won free tickets to Six Flags through a reading club, and today we went. Unfortunately, this will be the last time Sean can participate since he turns 13 next year.

14 Aug
The kids also won free tickets to Raging Rivers, so we went today.

15 Aug
First day of school! Sean-D and Melodie are both going to attend classes, so Ruth gets a break from homeschooling.

5 Sep
This has been a sad week for us. My parakeet Virgil died yesterday. He had gone blind over a week ago and got weaker and weaker each day. Today, “Wally”, a baby squirrel we found wandering around the yard yesterday, died today. He was too little to survive. We figured he fell out of his nest during the storm a few days ago, and for some reason his mom didn’t come get him. His brother or cousin “Nutty” was found later on in the same day we found Wally, but he was a little bigger. Before, we buried Wally we saw Nutty climbing a maple tree—although not very well.

16 Nov
Still out of work, but (Praise God) with my Air Force pension and unemployment we haven’t had to touch our savings but for a couple hundred dollars. I didn’t realize just how much of a toll my job had taken on my body—sitting all day and eating at my desk. By walking a mile or so everyday I have lost about 10 pounds and my lower back is getting stronger. Ruth is loving it—I’m feeling more relaxed and have been able to spend a lot more quality time with her. I’m asking God for a different career path that doesn’t require so much stress and sitting, but I’ll take whatever he gives me.

16 Dec
While I’m laid off I decided to pursue an interest of mine that I had while I was working in Radio Maintenance in the Air Force. I had come across a few coworkers who had their amateur radio license and developed an interest in the hobby. I even got study materials for the test, but never got to where I was ready to test. Well I passed the Technician test and received notification today that my new call sign is KD9ADB.

29 Dec
For the first time ever the Campos Family got together for Christmas before New Years. This time we had it at our house.


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