31 DEC 2000, Sunday
We went to my dad’s house for a gift exchange. He and Linda had spent Christmas in Puerto Rico, and didn’t get back until the 28th. We stayed until 930pm, and then went to Church to bring in the New Year.

01 JAN, Monday
Ruth and I and the kids went to Church for the New Years celebration. We sang, had snacks, and played a game (Outburst). Then held hands as we prayed in the New Year.
Later in the day, after a few hours of sleep, Ruth, Crystal, and I went to Target to register for the baby shower. There were so many do-dads, and varieties of clothes to choose from. It was fun going through the items with a scanner – like shopping for free.

02 JAN, Tuesday
Ruth and I went to our first Lamaze class today. Classes meet every Tuesday, and go on until 6 Feb. Since the baby’s due on the 1st of Feb, we will probably miss the last class. The first class was about how extremely painful labor is, and how important a coach can be. We also went over some exercises to strengthen the muscles used in labor. Just in the first class alone I could see that we would be learning a lot.

03 JAN, Wednesday
We had a bit of a scare last night. Ruth thought her water broke, and called me at work to tell me she was going to the hospital. They checked here in, and hooked her up to a baby monitor. Because one of the cars was in the shop, Crystal had to pick me up at work and take me to the hospital. However, by the time we got there, Ruth was ready to be released – false alarm. I guess that maybe this was God’s wakeup call because I realized we weren’t ready for this. I spent the night packing a bag, washing the baby clothes, and getting the infant car seat ready.

05 JAN, Friday
David’s pet gerbil Dilly died. He lived far longer than the expected lifespan of two years – he was almost 3 years old. I felt bad for David because I had to tell him no when he asked to bury him in the vegetable garden. I imagined that I could hear David’s screams when he saw me fire up the tiller in the spring. When your favorite pet gerbil dies you don’t think about things like that. I finally agreed to his 3rd choice for burial site – next to the shed where we keep the mowing equipment. They say that when a pet that you love dies you should immediately find another. Ruth will try to get another one as soon as possible. David already has a name picked out:  Dilly.

08 JAN, Monday
Today Crystal headed back for college. Ruth took her to the Greyhound station in St Louis this morning. We had a great time with her while she was here; we’ll miss her. Her next break will be sometime in June I think.

16 JAN, Tuesday
This past 3 day weekend I spent getting the nursery ready.  I helped David move into Crystals old room upstairs, and cleaned up David’s old room for Sean-Daniel, and moved in the crib.  Only 15 more days to go!  Ruth and I are getting anxious.
Still no Dilly replacement.  All the stores in the area are out.  They keep saying that they’re expecting a shipment of gerbil’s anytime.  I sense that David’s getting desperate, and he may take the first one that comes around.

18 JAN
Last night David got a new gerbil.  It’s a little gray baby.  I think this is his 3rd Dilly.
David, who is famous for never missing a day of school for at least the last 6 years, for the first time was too sick to go today. He’s been coughing for about a week and has had a fever the last 3 days.  Ruth told me that the teacher was so shocked that he missed a day that he said a prayer for him during the school’s morning worship service.
Ruth got a surprise Baby Shower at work.  All the gifts were wonderful, and on top of it all they gave here a little homemade album with pictures of Ruth’s students and a short message from each.

21 JAN
Last night our church held a Potluck/Baby shower.  The food was great; Scott Renth gave a message; and of course we played a game.  This one was quick but so much fun.  Everyone was given a pen and a paper plate.  Then, at the word GO, everyone put the plate on the top of their head and tried to draw a picture of a baby as best as they could.  The results were tacked up on the wall and judged.  Some were pretty good , but some resembled caterpillars, and some resembled nothing even close.  The gifts were all wonderful and I think we are definitely setup for sleepers, bibs, onsies, t-shirts, and blankets, etc.

It’s been an agonizing week.  While the kids were just getting over their colds, I picked one up last Sunday.  It was so bad that I missed work Monday and Tuesday and slept all day.  All day that is except for when Ruth told me that the car wouldn’t start.  This was the car that was packed to go for when Ruth went into labor.  I had to call a tow truck, and get it towed to our mechanic.  A few hours later it was ready.  The problem – the coil had gone out and the engine was in bad need of a tune-up.  This week would have been a bad time for Sean-D to come.  Praise God that He knows what He’s doing, and has everything under control.  If it would have been up to Ruth and me, we would have already had the baby and would have had to cope with all this stuff at the same time.

09 FEB
Still waiting for Sean-D.  We are set to induce on Monday.  Ruth has been having contractions, but she can’t tell if they’re true or just Braxton Hicks.  Everyone’s very anxious.  I’ve put in for a weeks vacation starting the 12th.

11 FEB
Sean-Daniel must of heard we were going to induce.  Ruth started having strong contractions around 7a.m.  We went to the hospital at 11:30, and got Ruth all checked in.  At 6:09 p.m. Sean-Daniel was born.  I was so proud of Ruth – she did really well with her breathing and not pushing until the doctor said it was ok.   I didn’t think I could do it, but when the doctor said he could see the head I had to look.  Once I saw the baby’s head I had to see the rest.  One of his shoulders came out next, and then before I knew it his whole body flew out.  In all the excitement I could barely hear the doctor talking to me.  I numbly turned to him, and he was handing me a pair of scissors saying “cut the cord”.  I took the scissors, and cut where they showed me.  Everything  happened so fast. The next thing I knew they had Sean-Daniel under the warm lights.  He was already pink, and he was crying because the nurses were sticking things in his nose and mouth.  Shortly, the doctor picked him up and asked “how much do you think he weighs.  I guessed 8.5 lbs and Ruth guessed 9 lbs.  He weighed 9 lbs 5 oz.

13 FEB
We left the hospital about 10p.m.  I had stayed with Ruth the whole time, and was anxious to get home.  Our first night home was pretty bad.  Sean-Daniel would wake up about every one and half hours screaming to be fed or changed.  We eventually got so tired that instead of returning him to the bassinet we just left him in bed with us.

14 FEB
Valentines day.  Tired as I was I still went out and got Ruth some roses.  We couldn’t go out or anything – it’s too soon.  But Ruth deserved something for being such a wonderful wife.
Sandy from church came over with our dinner.  It was a delicious rice casserole.  Ruth’s mom also came over to help out with things that needed to be done around the house.
Amber and David have been helping with the baby.  Amber has experience with diaper changing, and David is an excellent “burper”.

15 FEB
Last night was a little better.  Sean-Daniel wasn’t nearly as fussy.  He got his first bath today by his Grandma Falconnier.  He’s already staying awake and looking around more during the day.  I’m getting the hang of holding him, burping him, and changing his diaper.

27 FEB
Sean-Daniel had his first doctors appointment today.  He weighed in at 11lbs 4oz. and measured 22.5 inches.  He’s doing very well, and is such a good baby.  He’s still a little fussy at night, but during the day he’s quiet.  It looks like his eyes are starting to turn brown.  We’ve started taking him out more, and he behaves himself nicely.

02 MAR
We’ve been down to one car the last few days.  Our ’91 Dodge Spirit shimmies when you get up to 35MPH.  After two new front tires and new struts the mechanic discovered that our motor mounts were bad, and the engine was lifting up when you accelerated.  After they replaced the mounts they discovered that the axle was bad from the motor moving around.  They are supposed to replace it today, and that should be the end of it.
The horror!  Amber quit her job at KFC. That means no more free chicken.  She’s looking for a job in retail.
Sean-D is changing by the day.  He’s able to focus better, and looks right at me now.  When I lay him on my chest he struggles to lift his head to get a better view of who’s got him.

06 MAR
Ruth has learned that Sean-D loves classical music.  Whenever he fusses, she turns on the radio or puts in a CD, and he quiets almost instantly.
Amber has decided that for her upcoming birthday she would like a cell phone.  Negotiations are in progress.

12 MAR
Sean-Daniel turned 1 month yesterday.  Ruth called me at work today to tell me he had spoken for the first time!  I asked her what he said.  “Goo”, she replied.  I guess that could be considered a word – especially in scrabble, but think I’ll wait a little while longer for a better one before I make it official.

14 MAR
Sean-D weighed in at 14 lbs!
Amber put out resumes last week, but still no response.

17 MAR
Amber celebrated her 17th birthday today, and yes she got her cell phone.  Ruth and I shopped around, and finally decided to get her a prepay from Verizon.
Ruth’s dad has been having heart problems for a number of years, and this week had a pace maker put in.

27 MAR
Sean-D weighed in at 15lbs 15 oz.  He’s grown out of all his newborn clothes and is wearing 3 monther’s.  He seems to be more and more alert every day.  He is definitely trying to talk – he now says “Ah-Goo”
Amber got a job at the mall.  They are closing in 6 weeks, but it’s a job.

02 APR
We were in Chicago this past week.  We rented a Cadillac Deville, and Ruth , Amber, David, Sean-D, and I drove up to see Lydia Falconnier (Ruth’s Sister) get married.  It was Sean-D’s official first trip in a car.

06 APR
Things are looking brighter.  Sean-D finally slept through the night!  He’s also looking at me more, and sometimes give me a hint of a smile.

11 APR
The weather has already  been getting stormy, and tornado’s have touched down in Missouri.  Yesterday was Sean-D’s first lightning and thunderstorm show.  He’s 2 Months old today.
Amber and David participated in their school play “Beyond the Night”.  David played the part of the Minister of Health and Amber played a local.  It was about a Christian Doctor in Africa who was preaching the Gospel while running a clinic.

14 APR
Went to Grandma and Grandpa’s Campos’ house for “Resurrection Day”.  We had an Easter egg hunt for the kids, and then my brother in-law Rob Pochek thought it would be a good idea to get the boys involved in a touch football game.  We played for a couple of hours, and I was very sore the next day.  Rob, who’s quite a big boy, got a little carried away of one play and knocked me on my back after I completed a pass.

15 APR
Sean-D’s first Easter.  We went to morning services, and then spent the afternoon with Grandma and Grandpa Falconnier at the Missouri Botanical Garden.  It was a beautiful sunny day, and the tulips were of several varieties of colors.
On the way to the Garden, we stopped to visit a friend who was in the hospital after a fall.  He has been battling cancer, and it looks like he’s getting worse – they found a tumor in his head.

17 APR
Sean-D has been squealing, and saying Ooo words: “Ah Goo”, “Boo”, “Moo”, and recently “Doo”.  At Sunday School, when Jeff asked if anybody had any questions, Sean-D said what sounded like “I dooo”.
Ruth took Sean-Daniel to his scheduled appointment with Dr Strayer.  She said he was amazed at how big he was – off the charts at 19 Lbs, and 25 inches.  He also got 5 shots today.

25 APR
Ruth’s birthday is coming up next Monday.  A couple of weeks ago she said she needed a new hairdryer.  Then, a couple of days ago she said what she really would like is a tape deck in our ’95 Dodge Spirit. I thought I was getting off cheap.  Since I love her so much, and I knew she really could use the tape deck, I decided not to wait, and went out yesterday and got her one.  While I was waiting for it to be installed,  I also picked up a new cassette player for the house.

28 APR
Scott let us borrow a little swing frame for Sean-D.  I bought the swing and set it up today, and the little guy fell asleep in it while Mom was putting in the garden.
Last week Amber got hired on a job that she really wanted bad.  It’s called Build-A-Bear, and it’s it the Mall.  I guess they sell empty teddy bear skins and the customer picks the stuffing.

29 APR
We celebrated Ruth’s birthday today at her mom’s house.  Her dad gave her a handbag that he made, David gave her the hairdryer she wanted, Amber had already take her out to eat, and I had already given her a car stereo.  This was Sean-D’s first trip to grandma and grandpa Falconnier’s house.

11 MAY
Sean-Daniel turned 3 months old today.
David and I went to Daysprings for the weekend for the Father/Son conference.  Ruth and Amber also came down to help cook.  Of course Sean-D came as well. The speaker was Terry Morgan.  He spoke on what it means to accept Jesus into your heart.  We were able to have some free time together, and David and I played basketball, catch, and canoed in the creek.

16 MAY
Today’s the first hot day of the year – about 93F.  We have an old house (built in 1909), and it doesn’t have central air.  Last year I bought two  5000 BTU A/C’s for David and Ambers room and a 6000 BTU for Ruth and me.  This year I bought two  8000 BTU units to replace the old huge one, and put one in the living room and one in the kitchen.
Crystal is coming home tonight.  She spent the last two weeks at her dad’s in Indiana.  She’ll be leaving from here the first week of June to start on her college sponsored mission trip (Bob Jones University) to East Asia.

28 MAY
Last Thursday through Sunday, 6 men from my Assembly and I went up to Dubuque Iowa to Emmaus College for an “Iron Sharpening Iron” conference.  It was fantastic; I enjoyed the company of Brethren from Assemblies all over the U.S. as well as my own.  There was many levels to what I came away with, and I was convicted in areas of family, church, and my own growth.  Crystal was a blessing to her mom in helping with Sean-Daniel.
John Schuhart, my old next door neighbor and personal carpenter, has come over this weekend to redo our porch.  This was our most critical area in our home improvement schedule,  because there was a lot of water damage.  He replaced the rotted 2×4’s, put in new windows, insulation, and siding .  He’s a great carpenter, and we have a good working relationship – he gets to the job when he can, and I pay him when I can.  Unfortunately his family is not Christian yet.

Today David left by the St Louis Amtrack to spend the summer with his dad in Indiana. Last week he made a decision to give Dilly III to his school principal.  His reason was that he wanted to spend more time with Sean-D, and didn’t feel he could take care of Dilly properly.  His mom and I are really impressed with his increased maturity these last few weeks.  He’s been doing his chores without having to be told, and he’s done an outstanding job.  He’s even doing chores that aren’t his.  We know he’s doing it for the money, but we’re very happy to see this improvement in him.  Our fear is that he will come back from his Dad’s having lost all he’s gained, because that’s been the pattern in the past.  All we can do is pray for him, and leave it in God’s hands.
Sean-Daniel is growing in leaps and bounds.  He’s started grabbing things and putting them to his mouth.  He’s gooing a lot more, and he looks right at you when he’s doing it, giving the impression that he’s talking to you.

Today Crystal begins her mission trip to the Far East with BJU.  She left this morning with her mom and Amber to catch the new Metrolink at BAC, for the airport in St Louis.

This past weekend was our Assemblies get together down at Daysprings Bible Camp in Ironton Missouri.  A wonderful time of fellowship.  The weather was great and we had a lot of fun.  I even went down the homemade water slide a coupe of times.  I was the speaker on Saturday evening, and I spoke from 1 Peter 1: 22 thru 1 Peter 2: 3.
I was able to spend a lot of time with Sean-D and to see how much he’s grown.  He is now able to take objects and bring them to his mouth.  He’s such a cute baby, and always has a smile for his daddy.

This weekend was my first Fathers Day.  Amber and Ruth made me a stuffed bear at “Build A Bear” where Amber works.  He has a birth certificate that says his name is Raphi.  That’s short for Raphael, which is the name I had picked out for Sean-Daniel, but was out-voted by the family.
Today Ruth took Sean-D to his scheduled doctors appoint for more shots.  This boy’s now 24lbs 10oz and 28 inches.  He’s a little over 4 months now.

This 4th of July we spent at Phillip Falconniers (Ruths Brother) house.  That night we set off some fireworks, and Sean-Daniel would scream and cry as they went up.  He eventually got used to the noise, but he didn’t like it.

Poor Sean-D had another accident today. His sister was carrying him out the back door of the house, and she fell down 4 steps.  As she fell she twisted her body, so she wouldn’t land on him, and he wasn’t hurt. As Ruth related the story to me at lunch I pinched the skin on his belly with the stroller belt buckle.

Last night Sean-D turned over from lying face up to face down for the first time!  It took about 2 or 3 minutes, but he did it all by himself.

25 July
Ruth called me at work and said that Sean-D had fallen asleep in the car, and when they got home they heard him laughing in the car seat.  They looked back to see what was so funny, and he was asleep.  He woke himself up from laughing.
David tried on his first pair of contact lenses.  He’s been squinting pretty bad the last few months, and refused to wear glasses.  His vision tested as 20/200.

Crystal is back from her mission trip to the far east.  Her team was blessed to have led a Chinese girl to Christ.

Amber left for her dad’s in Indiana for a week or so.  Then she’ll return home, where she’ll leave again to visit her aunt Evy in California.
Sean-D has been pulling himself up on his knees now.  It’s only a matter of time before he’s walking!

Last night Sean-D and I were playing a game where he and I were sitting cross legged on the bed facing each other.  He would lean of over towards me a then with a little help he would slowly stand.  He did this several times and eventually he was standing with hardly any help at all.
Today Ruth called me at work to tell me that Sean-D had kicked one of the spindles of his crib and broke it.  This boys got strong legs!  She and Crystal along with our friend Rise went out looking for a new crib.

10 AUG
Sean-D had another accident today.  Ruth had put him in an empty laundry basket (the rectangular plastic kind), and when she turned away for a minute he had pulled himself to stand up, and over he went.  He started crying, more from the shock than actually being hurt, and like a good mommy she hugged and kissed him and whispered soothing words in his ear.  Then she took him to the bathroom, set him by the edge of the sink with his feet in, and let the water run.  He loves water so much that he soon forgot his troubles.

20 AUG
A lot’s been happening this week Amber started her first day of Home School today.  Ruth and I set up a desk in the living room for her to use.  David starts school this Wednesday.  He’s going to a Private Christian School. We’re taking Crystal back to Bob Jones University in SC this coming weekend.  It’s about a 12 hour drive one-way.
Sean-D’s  moving around more, and he loves to pull himself up to stand. We’re trying to get him to start crawling;  we read that there are psychological benefits.  He’s had a bad cough for about 5 days, but the doctor said his lungs are clear.

27 Aug 01
We left last Friday at 5am to  drive Crystal to Greenville SC where she’s going to college.  It was about a 14 hour drive one-way.  We took Sean-D with us, and he was fairly good going down, but a terror coming back – he cried almost constantly.  He’d had enough of being stuck in the car seat, and I imagine tired of waking up somewhere new.  Whenever we stopped and took him out he was all smiles and giggles.  On the way back on Sunday we stopped off in Lake City TN, and visited my relatives on my mom’s side.  After church services at Oak Grove Baptist Church, we headed back, and finally got home at 9:45pm.

1 Sep  01
Ruth and I started putting floor tiles in the bathroom this morning.  There used to be a rug – if you can imagine.
Amber got back from her visit with Evi in California.  She said she had a great time. She brought everyone back a shirt.
Sean-D is still working on his crawling, but he’s getting better at standing up.  We don’t even think about leaving him alone in our bed now.  He also loves to roll around.

6 Sep  01
Ruth called me at work.  Sean-D is showing his first tooth this morning!!!  He has been acting fussier than usual this week, and we suspected that he might be teething.

8 Sep  01
Today was Sean-D’s first swimming lesson.  He was the youngest one there – he’ll be 7months in 3 days.  While there, he met a girl named Matty.  She’s 10 months old.  His first lesson comprised of getting him used to the water by moving him around while singing songs.  Ruth and I were both there, so we could take turns holding him – he’s so heavy.

11  Sep  01
This morning the United States suffered its first attack since 1941 when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.  The attack was on the World Trade Center Towers and the Pentagon.  Both Towers and one of the wings of the Pentagon were completely destroyed.  Everyone is in shock.  As yet no none has claimed responsibility. The death toll is expected to be in the thousands, especially since we’re told that one of the Towers can hold up to 50,000 people.  I felt strange all day while at work.  Scott AFB was shut down for the most part, and I expect there will be a long line to get in tomorrow when I go to work.
While I was typing this, Ruth was with me with the baby.  He managed to open the door for the counter under the sink.  We’re going to have to start childproofing the house soon.

19  Sep  01
Happy Birthday to David!  He’s 15 years old today.  Ruth got him a new bicycle – his old one was way too small.

26  Sep  01
Mommy was feeding Sean-D, and to my amazement he grabbed the spoon of squash baby food, put it in his mouth, and then started sucking off the food.  He’s still just got the one tooth, but it’s more prominent.

1 Oct 01
Amber went to homecoming with her friend. They both had dates, and Amber said they had a good time.  Amber really looked very beautiful.

7 Oct 01
After church today Ruth, Sean-Daniel, and I went to the Kaskaska River Fall Family Festival at Okaw Valley Park in New Athens.  It was a beautiful day – clear and cool.  There were Crafters displaying their wares, and a local farmer brought stuff to make a country scarecrow.  Ruth wanted one for our yard, and she had fun making it.  Sean-D watched, and even ate a little straw.  They also had a pony hayride for children, and Ruth took him on it.
Today, at the Family Festival Sean D said “DA DA” for the first time.  He’d whisper it first and then say it louder.  My eyes got misty – my boy’s growing up.  He’ll be 8 months on the 11th.

9 Oct 01
Ruth called me at work.  Sean-D is showing 2 top teeth. Total of 3!!

10 Oct 01
Ruth took Sean-D to the doctors for what looks like fungus in his mouth.  It’s Thrush.  Ruth thinks his might be getting it from YMCA when he has his swimming lessons.

16 Oct 01
Ruth bought a little potty chair for Sean-D, and sits him on it when she goes potty.  It looked like he was peeing too, so the next time we took off his diaper, and sure enough, when he heard mommy pee he peed too.  Unfortunately we didn’t have a pee guard, so it went on the floor.  Another day mom put him in our potty using an adapter, and he went pee again.  At 8 months he’s associating the toilet with pee peeing. That ‘s my smart boy.
This weekend I finally started working on the picket fence around the garden that Ruth’s been wanting.
Happy Birthday to me!!!  I turned 40 today.  Ruth gave me a wonderful party.  My dad, brother, and sister came with their families, and Ruth parents, brother and his wife came.

27 Oct 01
This morning Sean-D pooped in his potty chair.  He’s so talented.  Speaking of talented I don’t see in my journal where I mention that he has been playing the piano lately.  He’ll start at one end and stroke 3 or 4 keys individually with his fingers- sometimes with both hands. Then he’ll shuffle or crawl around the piano bench to the other side, pull himself up and do the same thing.  He likes the high notes better because when he plays those he always chuckles. Today Ruth mentioned that he’s started singing when he plays.

17 Nov 01
This past week has been exciting for Sean-Daniel.  He has been standing up without support for brief periods of time.  We have timed him as long as 5 seconds. And last night,  when we sat down for supper, Sean-D looked at me and said what sounded like “Hello Daddy”.  I looked around and everyone else had stopped what they were doing because they thought they heard it too.  Also,  I started giving him his baths without his baby tub, and just put him in the big tub.  Going thru previous entry’s it looks like I haven’t mentioned that SD has two more teeth coming out on top.  He now has 4 on top and 1 on the bottom.

27 Nov 01
Sean-D took his first step towards Amber this weekend. She was very excited to be the first.

10 Dec 01
Sean-D is still trying to walk – almost there.  Today Ruth called me at work to share with me a Sean-D moment.  She had been working with a permanent marker and set it down for “just a moment” when Sean-D got hold of it without her knowing.  He had taken off the cap, and by the time she noticed, he had drawn on his face, clothes, and the kitchen floor.  She figured that ink would eventually get off of his skin, so she went to work on the floor.  She was able to get it all off.

13 Dec 01
Today Sean-D took 3 steps at the Dentist’s office while we were waiting for Mommy.  He’s been taking a couple of little steps this week.
We picked up Crystal at the airport today.  It was my first time on the Metro-Link.  It has only been operational less than a year.  Though Crystal is home for Christmas vacation, it looks like she’ll probably stay through the summer, and work to get enough money to pay off her student loan balance.

25 Dec 01
Sean-D had his first Christmas today.  He got lots of cool toys.  He didn’t quite get the idea of opening presents, so his sister Amber gave him a hand.  We spent Christmas Eve at Ruth’s moms house.  Her sisters Evie from California and Lydia from Chicago were there.
Sean-D is now a professional walker.  The last 2 days he walked across the living room and into the kitchen.  He has also be able to stand straight up without holding on to anything.

31 Dec 01
Last entry of the year.
Crystal is staying with us through the summer.  She’s a big help with the house and the baby.
Sean-D is walking further and further. I don’t see any entry on his teeth progress.  He now has 4 on top and 4 on the bottom.   His favorite word is Ba Ba, and what could pass for I Love You.
Amber is still looking to buy her own car.  She is a high school senior and is being home schooled.
David has learned HTML (he’s very good at it), and is still interested in electronics.
Ruth and I are struggling to keep sane.  This season was pretty stressful; especially with 3 teens in the house.  This winter I started crocheting my first sweater.  Ruth got me started on it a couple of years ago, and though I got a few chuckles from some of the guys, I don’t care cause it’s fun.  I don’t usually have time except in the winter, so my only other project is an afghan.







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